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Getting Started in Developing AR/VR Apps | Columbia College Chicago Online

A short time ago, virtual reality and augmented reality were only possible through special effects. In fact, they were only seen in science fiction movies. However, this future technology is now in our hands and is showing itself to be an exciting new field, possibly even becoming the next primary computing platform.

VR and AR have limitless potential outside of the traditional entertainment environments. The range of applications span from gaming, to experiential media, to practical tools that improve people’s daily lives.

AR and VR is being integrated in business through employee training, retail, architecture, manufacturing, aerospace and the healthcare industries. In this hands-on course with Columbia College Chicago Online, we will learn how to create mobile AR and VR applications from scratch.

Through the process of building real experiences, we will come to understand the basics of designing and developing for mobile AR and VR. You will develop a basic understanding of the current mixed-reality landscapes and ecosystems.

You will answer questions such as, who are the major software and hardware players? What is the latest technology driving the field forward? Where can I access the newest experiences and how can I make my own AR and VR applications? We’ll be learning how to use the Unity game engine to supercharge our development process.

You’ll leave this course with a solid set of skills that will allow you to create augmented reality and virtual reality applications on your own, which will give you the foundation to make your own ideas come to life.

Learn the computing platform of the future with Columbia College Chicago Online. I look forward to seeing you soon. For more details please visit this link:

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